DR 85 + Sito Plus + Pinasco Sprocket

Hi Vespa loving fellows,

I’m not familliar with the writing rules on this board, but I hope I don’t annoy You.

As written in The topic I have a PK 50 with DR 85cc and Sito Plus. Is it common to have difficulties to remove the rear tyre with that Exhaust ?

I’m using a 16/16 carburetor with a 68 nozzle. Do I run the engine to meager during high rotational speed ?

I’m about to try the Pinasco Sprocket, do I have to remove the rear wheel ???

A lot of questions, I know. Perhaps someone knows the Answers.

Thanks in Advance Peter

Hi there,

I’m not to clear on what you mean but I’ll try my best.

You should have no clearance issues with your Sito Plus so make sure it is for the PK and fitted correctley.

I think you’re asking if your jetting is big enough with the 68 for your set up.I don’t know,try doing a spark plug chop to check on the colour.[;)]

As for the Pinasco sprocket,I don’t know what you mean.Is it an upgeared primary drive perhaps?

If so then it require’s you to split the engine casings in order to fit it.

Please ask again and we will try our best to understand your problems a little better.