Dr 180 set up help please

Can anyone help me please, I’m currently running/setting up a px125 engine with a DR180 kit fitted. The motor has a cut racing crank fitted and I’m currently running the timing at 17 degrees. I ran it in to Skeg and back dead steady (about 120 miles round trip) on a 24 mil p2 carb and it ran ok. I’ve just bought a 28 mil malossi carb to put on it and a gear kit is next on the list. Any suggestions for a good starting point main jet wise? Also I’m getting conflicting information on the timing setting some say 16 to 18 degrees (standard) and others are saying a lot more retarded than that - one mentioned 14 degrees [[:O]]

Any suggestions would be appreciated[:smile:]

I run mine at 18 degrees with no problems.