dr 177

Are there people here who have a dr 177 kit and can they tell me how reliable these kits are.What I mean is how many km have you ridden yet with the kit and did you have problems?Can’t make up my mind between an original 150 from piaggio vs DR177 kit for my px125.

…then you can leave it in this position. If you have the opportunity check the timing with a strobo. It is not rare that to actually get 18° you have to retard from IT mark.
And don’t forget the spark plug grade and main jet.


they are very reliable but you have to get the ignition timing right,
not more then 18 (IT mark), upjet (108 if you keepo the 20/20 carb) and correct spark plug grade (4 grade for bosch 8 for NGK, 24 if Denso).
If you don’t do this, you will end up saying they are not reliable…


Ive got a DR 177 kit from beedspeed on my 150 super and i followed curares advice and the old girl goes really well. (see previous posts) Im running a DR 177, timing at 18, NGK Grade 8 plug and a 24mm P200 carb with 116 main jet and a scoot RS Pipe. The scoot is really reliable and has given me loads more power over the standard 150 super setup

The DR isnt a full race kit but i didnt want all of the porting done - just a reliable and faster scoot - and all for under 200 quid.

No problems with the kit yet and ive done about 1000 miles.

thank you [:)] [:drink:]

Nice 1 Balmo

Thanks for the info curare.Just one more question.On my px 125 (disc) the ignition is already on the IT mark,does this mean I don’t have to change anything?[?[] THANKS[:)]