Downgrade PX125 2011 to "classic Ducati" CDI with 5 coils stator?

Hi everyone.

Does someone know if that combine of flywheel / coil / CDI unit will be coherent to replace the original ignition on a PX-125 2011?

51002000  Flywheel SIP Touren

85110000 Stator Plate PIAGGIO for Vespa

85000000 Electronic Unit PIAGGIO for Vespa

Something's wrong ?
Something's missing ? A distancer plate ?

Thank you for your help

Up !


Someone to help me ?

yet another Iain Banks Fan (regarding your nickname).

But, to come back to your question:

yes, you can replace the original parts with those you mentioned.
But you need to perform a new adjustment procedure of the ignition timing.


Thank you Werner, for your answer and also for Iain M Bank.