Double Trouble

I have got my hands on an LML 150 Engine, dont laugh 6k on the clock, read valve and full circle crank as standard.

I plugged in my ole sip performance exhaust, added a standard P2 24er carb (116 Jet) Off I went wAAAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPP, loved it 70-75 No worries, ramping the *** nette Frau *** 200 Miles Later Its had a heat sieze, Luckerly dropped the clutch in time, not to bad small end bearings rattling a bit, otherwise ok.

I thought the overjetting of the P2 Card on a 150 with me pipe would be ok. anyone got any suggestions s to what the f**k happened.

  1. I also have a P2 Engine to put in while I sought out the small end bearings etc on the above engine. If I use A sip performance pipe on that engine will I need to change the standard jetting. Niether of these engines have any cylinder kits on. I dont want it happening again If I can Aviod It.

Cheers for yeh elp in advance