Does this fit my V50 S?


I wonder which type of stearing lock I have to buy for my Vespa 50 S?

Do you need a rubber ring around the the front light?

Does the cable-kit for oldtimers fit my Vespa 50S?

Which d (diameter??) on the cables are right for me?

Do anybody know if SIP has the nice old floorboard rails of aluminium with rubber in the middle, which fits my V50S? If yes, which item number.

And at least a bonus question::
Do you know where I can get a neddle to the needle bearing (total 21 needles) inside the christmas tree in my dad’s 125 super-engine from 1965?

Thank you (if someone do reply my answer, which I doubt)

Mats A.

take a look at this link to see what I am on about with locks

Yes the cables do fit but some may need the outers trimming. Yes every scoot shop should sell the floor runner kits complete so no probs getting them. No rubber round headlights.

Needles ? xmas trees ?.

Smallframe vespas are the best fun rides money can buy. I have a '75 ET3 and 68 primavera. I sold my P2 as it was starting to get a bit mundane ( too comfortable & too smooth).

ps. the needle bearing that the xmas tree sits against only costs about three quid, once again from any proper scooter shop.

Happy scootin

PPS two steerin locks available 4 & 6mm shanks at the top barrel (measure yours before you order)