Do I need to up jet?

I am fitting an RZ mark II right hand exhaust similar to the link below to a totally standard P200E engine;

Do I need to up jet the carb and if so to what?  Do I need to adjust anything else (timing, carb etc)??




i don't have any experiene with that exhaust, but i put a malossi exhaust on my 200cc lml engine (which is like a p200 engine.) and i had to up jet and retard the timing. i would up jet atleast 2 and maybe 4 sizes on the jet. and, retard the timing 2 degrees. if every thing else is stock, that should put you in the right ball park.(that's what my mech. did to mine.) and without a bigger cyclinder , the stock carb (24/24?) should work fine if you're just looking to add a bit more power.

caution - like i said this is coming from my experience with a malossi exhaust. hopefully someone else will chine in with some advice. hope that helps. later...