Do i need a voltage regulator


Just got my new LML 150 engine for my 69 Vespa sprint. What else do i need to get everything working? I guess i need a voltage regulator? Wiring loom? 


Yes, you will need a voltage regulator.

The LML 150 delivers 12V instead of 6V (as original on your Sprint).

You will also need:
- 12V blinker relais (if your vespa is equipped with blinkers)
- 12 V bulbs
- eventually different type of brake light switch (change from opening switch to closing switch)
- eventually new light switch (take care of the horn buttton...opening or closing type button)
- 12V horn

Also you will have to modify the wiring loom.

The LML 150 has a blue cable (coming from the stator plate) which supplies unregulated AC Voltage. You will need to connect this cable to the input terminal of the voltage regulator.

You can use regulators with an only 12V output terminal OR (in case you need it) those types with a 12V AC AND a 12V DC output terminal.
Thats the basic scheme.

Now the regulator is the only source of regulated 12 V voltage in this case. NEVER connect unregulated voltage to the electrical devices in your Vespa. ONly use the regulated output terminal of your regulator to feed bulbs, horn etc.