Dismantling engine mounts, ref: product 17472600

i am wondering if there is a tool for changing the engine mounts product ref 17472600 at sip.com??

any other suggestions to how i can get these out and new back in??

thanks for any feedback.



I have done this and it was a complete pain in the butt. It took a full day to do. I would not put rubber mounts in again. I would fit the klaus mounts that are made of urathane.


To get them out drill a series of small holes around the rubber untill it looks like swiss cheese. You should be able to hook them out with a screwdriver and a hammer from here.


Clean up the aluminium casting with a dremel tool or similar untill it is nice and smooth. The new klaus mounts can be fitted with a length of threaded rod through the whole swing arm. As you do up the nuts they will pull in. Dish washing liquid is your friend here. Make sure the mounts and the casing are lubed well.


Did I mention I would never use rubber mounts again!

Hi !


I had nearly the same expirience.

This is one of the worst works you can do on the Vespa.

I guess i spent the hole day for it.


Never again [+o(]