Diskbrake on a VGLA1T?

Hello all of You!

Due to the tuning of my scooter (aprox 20bhp), I need new brakes to make me stop...

Therefor; which fork am I to use for a Grimeca Classic? I know there's two ways of doing it....

Either the PKXL2-fork or the SIP conversion fork (Sip artnr 133472)

Which one will be best for fitting my old frontfender? And I know there's some work on the PK-fork to make it fit, will the conversion-fork fit without any work?

Looking forward to your answers!


I think svint1 is wondering how much less trouble there is fitting a SIP conversion fork compared to an unmodified PKXL2-fork.

I would also like to know if it is worth the price difference.

Yeah! Very nice work! and good idea for the side panels!

For the fork, I wait to no more about! Tell me if you have trouble with the steering lock?

 You have a really great project, hope to see more!


Hello again!

Yes, I was wondering if there is less work to make a conversion fork fit my VGLA, than mak a PKXL2-fork fit...

I assume that the Grimeca Classic fit both of the forks.

Øyvind, aka Svint1



Hello Pierre!

I've recieved the parts -and the Conversion Fork, but haven't started to make the fender fit.

Actually I'll repaint the scooter and tune the engine, so there will be some time before it is ready to ride...

This is my workshop today....




I'll tell you how it was to instal it when its done!





Hello Pierre!

Nice Lammy! I want one too!!!

But what about some pics of the Vespa you're working on? -What kind of Vespa is it?

I discovered a minor problem now. The stearing-lock doesn't work proberly. I don't know why, but I don't care, cause I'm using a diskbrake-lock.

But I'll have a look at it when I take the fork out later...






Hello Pierre! -and the rest of you!

Been working on my fork today...

Here are some pics;




If you compare it to how the fork was, you can see that there has been done some work to it;


And here is a pic of a "drybuilt" sip conversion fork;



Does it make sense to you?

Hi Pierre!!

It hasn't been that much work. Just alot of thinking of how to do it...

But I've fited the fork to the frame, and it is 99% perfect;


You can see that the angle isn't quite perfect, and its very very close to the frame, but not in touch, so its ok...


I haven't cut or weld anything on the fork except what is shown in this tread about to make the fender fit.

The steering lock is allso mounted and fit 100%.

And the length is allso great;


So its just to order a new fork, Pierre!! ;)


PS! If you would like to see most of the work I've done to the whole scooter, look at www.scooter-forums.com and in the Vespa-section and "Svints Vespa 150 Project" -just if you like! ;)



awesome scooter.......Looks great...How do you fancy making my VNA1 look like that???



Nice project!

Yes please let me know about this! 'cause, I’ve heard there were few troubles with length and steering lock…

Good luck for your restos.




the orig. fork does not fit to the brake .

you have to use the pk fork and you have to modifi your orig fender than.





I used a PKXL on my latest restoration and it worked just fine (you can check out my album). Of-cause it’s not a straight change but I don’t think that the Sip fork is either.

Your Fleming

Too late...

I just ordered a Sip Conversion-fork and the Grimeca Classic....

But thanks to you who answered!



Are those 8" or 10" wheels??? 


Hello again!

I've done some more work to my VGLA;

widened the cowls;




But I've allso started to work on my Sip Conversion fork;



As you can see, there's plenty work to make the fender fit nicely....

I think most of the work would be in this area;



Well, nice work! I did’nt realized there was so much work with this
fork. Have you machined the front mudguard, or only the fork. Any
troubles with the upper side of the fork? (steering lock, handlebar,

Anyway, it looks pretty nice!



Anymore pics of the scoot. I have a 152L2 that is just being built. I am using a PK50 fork and will fit a disc brake conversion.


Have you received your fork and instal it? Could you tell me if you had troubles with it?



Hello Pierre! (and the rest of you!)

There been alot of work to make the fork, brake and fender to fit together....

A major problem was that the Bitubo and Grimeca didn't fit together. Had to make the bolt fit;


And there wasn't to much place for the parts;




Actually so litle place, that the oil-reservoar for the Grimeca is pointet a little outside the fender;



There was some work to make the fender fit, but it was mostly making new holes, and welding the old ones;



Hope you like it!