Disk brake on t5 mk1

hi all new her altho i’ve been reading all the info
just got back into scoots after a nice long break on bikes

ok i got a t5 mk1 and a full disc brake set up the forks are 20mm ones and both halfs of the disk set up fit to gether but when fitted to the stub axle theres a gap between the inner hub and link face of about 3mm is this correct???

i know theres the shim and oil ring to go on but the problem i have is the gap to big am i missing somthing

also the inner hub touches the bottom of the shock even when fitting the dics shock

next the really tricky question i’m going back to the early 90’s and fitting a anti dive kit to it as well but you have to make a bracket to rebolt the dive kit to where the caliper sits but again this is in the way of the inner hub

has anyone else got this set up or done it any help would be appreciated as i’m trying to be senseable and do a trial run before i start the race scheme


Hi Jason, onto the pin goes the shim, then o ring, then backplate/caliper carrier then 3mm thick washer with the flat inside hole, then circlip. With regard fitting the anti-dive, I never ended up fitting one but recall the disc/ anti-dive were not compatible but anything is possible. Use a decent shock (biturbo 2000 version is designed to cope with the disc and does workwell.)

last one

don’t want you all to go blind do we [I)]

[[:O]] [[:O]] [[:O]]

goto get it chromed yet

but i would like to get hold of a baffless pitone for a p200

and one made to fit for the T5

any ideas

ta jas

hi beerace
thanks for the reply

it can be done just alot of messing around but do it right and it looks the nuts

did you get round to making the pitone exhausts (baffleless or other)

if so how much you charging for them

i fancy one for a t5 [:lickout:]

never know i might sell my mikeck[:shock1:]


Ade got it a tad wrong, it was the other way round, Doc was gonna make them and I gave him a n.o.s. one to copy. Im making Taffspeed/swift type rhs and lhs plus a few other goodies. I would remake the t5 mickeck if I could get my hands on one, and p125 and p2 but ive sooo much on at the moment ill be lucky to fit them in. All those going to Woolacombe look out for red T5 Square headlight Malossi 210, Titanium tailcan. Whole bike done inhouse here. Verdicts/ criticism welcome, we all get on well with being ripped to shit. And the Carbon fibres coming along, and the Autos are getting Quicker, See Gilera Runner Also at Wooly. So Jason, What type of pipe you really want then?


hi beerace
i got the t5 alleck fat muffler MK2

this pipes is the same as the fat muffler mikeck just all the plates have alleck stamped on them

mikeck was a company formed by 2 people
2-alleck i think his name is
hence mikeck
alleck has all the jigs etc and has a few pipes left one of which i bought
he has a few bits left over and is prepared to make them to order but when the bits are used thats it he will no longer make them

so i was really pleased