Disk brake for vespa smallframe (ET3)

(C’è qualche italiano che scrive quà?)
Hi, I would like to install a front disk brake on my smallframe Vespa (an ex 50Special, now ET3 [:D] ). Someone can give me an help in this work? I would like to install it without cut my fork… Should I have a PK125’s fork? Can I mount it on a smallframe?

No ideas?[:’(]

Sono fiero di essere Italiano: quà è nata la Vespa!

Have a look at www.scooterhelp.com under restorations.

This guy did a few things with disc brakes, changed the forks etc etc it may give you soem ideas.:stuck_out_tongue:

Butta un’occhio anche sul www.et3.it
da i un’occhio alle „derivate di serie“ …

You can fit standard PK 125 forks into a small frame but you have to shorten the stock length by about 20mm, rework the steering stops and the standard smallframe mudguard does not fit (the PK mudguard is wider).

SIP do sell forks that are already converted, they are nearly twice the price but they do fit straight on, it just depends how much messing about you want to do.

Hope this helps.


Thank you for the link (but the section is „tuning“ not „restorations“ [:D]).
can I fit a pk125’s fork on my smallframe?