Discbrake on a Primavera non ET3

Hi everyone. I just started tuning my PV buying a front and rear shock. Now I would like to install a front brake disk. What parts would i need to modify? With the grimeca kit, do i have to change the fork? I’m quite a newbie so I appreciate your help! Thanks in advance

yeah you need a pk fork with a 20mm axle, not sure about the ride height?? they’re a better fork anyway, my last scoot was a pk, a much nicer ride than the older style smallie fork. in the uk you’d probably get a fork for about £60 although they seem to be rarer as everyones snapping them up for just this. you can buy them new from beedspeed for more dollar… disc brake kits are about 300 euros… :slight_smile:

I’d,like to know aboout this also.Does it change the ride hieght at the front,when you change to PK forks?

i also have the same question, called sip from the USA, they said I needed a new front fork also in addition to the kit…don’t know what kind though? any help appreciated…1983 ET3 Primavera is my bike…thanks

Hello all, The pk fork with disc in a prim/et3 does raise the front end geometry  a little and has a small effect on handling, it was he first thing i noticed after doing mine, but the improved suspension action and advanced braking outweigh this small matter   

thanks for response,as i’d thought.does anyone know how to correct ride hieght-what shocker/damper etc…

there is a ‚dragster‘ lowered version bitubo available for the px, the mounts are the same this would do the job art no; 70091000 also buy art no; 70200000
remove the large upper bush on the shock and put one of the spacers above and below the spring then wind up the ring on the lower part of the shock  to take up the slack,you can use different combinations of spacers to get the ride height required,
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thank you!

you could fit a piaggio zip front shock, its exactly the same as a pk one, but a little shorter - that’s the cheaper alternative to a bitubo.

also, fit a px extension piece to the rear shocker. that should level it out.