Disc conversion in LML T5 shape

I am converting my 2000 LML Select II to disc brake & modifying my headset to use a thumb throttle & while it`s apart changing front mudguard to SIP carbon Garelli.
Will post progress reports as I go.
Day one, strip front end down, took off front hub ,shock & backplate as I want to use the standard forks & good news, front spindle is 20mm so should just bolt on disc hub & wheel (I am using a 2003 PX disc set up), had to take twin light horncover off to get to electrics to disconnect & remove headset, most of the electrics have connectors & come apart no problem but 2 relays have been wired in with no way to get them apart so I had to cut them & put connectors in. Have to get the right size c spanner to undo the fork nuts so had to stop for today. I have to convert to thumb throttle & disc brake because I have recently had an operation to fuse my right wrist so I cannot use a twist throttle any more & disc brake cos it is easier than cable drum setup & better. I wonder if the 6inch titanium plate in my wrist will set airport detectors, I am on my way to a Terminator body kit.

Day two, get right c spanner & take out forks. strip headset down & cut lever pivot off to make room for hydraulic master cylinder. Get paint to touch up where headset is cut. Start design & measurements for machining new throttle tube.

Day four, start to put it all back together. Front end goes in, caliper carrier, hub & wheel fit Indian forks fine. Garelli carbon mudguard was a pig to squeeze on over shock though & needed bottom edge grinding down to make room for speedo gubbins but so did the sebac shock i used (still too tight is better than „as loose as a dogs cock in a bucket“ as an old yokel I used to work with always said). All bolts etc are being replaced with stainless as I go. Not happy with prototype for new throttle tube as I got some stock lengths of 25mm bar, 300mm long which is going to be too short for me, the machining was fine but I don`t have a long enough borer to hollow out the bar more than 100mm each end, so I have a solid section in the middle & it is too heavy so I have ordered some 25mm o.d. tube with a 6mm wall thickness in H30 Dural Aluminium (it has to be so thick to allow for the recess to be machined in for the m/cycle & quad parts). So I will be able to make them to the exact length I need now. It all looks so much better than with the stock bucket mudguard & grey forks & shock, I hope to take her for our first outing to the Modrapheniacs Rally in Wareham, Dorset on the 19th March, depending on my Doctor & Physio giving me permission to ride so soon after having the operation (barely 3 months from full wrist fusion op)

Day three, try to use standard right hand switch housing & just cut off lever pivot but try several motorcycle master cylinders & all need to be fitted closer than switch housing allows. So i bite the bullet & cut off the switch housing completely where it touches the headset plastics & machine new throttle tube from solid billet 25mm alloy bar, drill throttle tube & headset to bolt new tube solid ,dry build then paint metal headset to protect where cut (mind you the Indians were tight with the paint so it needed doing anyway). Grind off mudguard bracket & clean up alloy castings on fork leg then repaint.