DISC break for my primavera


I have a V5a whith a primavera 125 engine whith the 4 gear syteme (PV handlebare) but I have the original V5a front break systeme with a 10' weel.

I would like to know if i can put a Disc break systeme like grimeka for PK.

Maybe I have to put a PK steering column ?

If somebody can help me ...

Hi Dude...

basically you need to mount a pk fork !


do you want to mount a semi hydraulic or a full hydraulic ?



Hi ..


With the correct conversion fork it shoub be ok to realize.




We have the same machine.

I'm currently setting a PK fork and  then, a bit later, a grimeca kit disc brake.

There are many types of PK forks. I can explain differences if needed ....

Prepare yourself to work a lot to adapt it on your PRIMAVERA