disc brake

Is it possible to change my 98 model star shaped front wheel with the old style semi hydraulic front wheel the closed in style same as the rear wheel. Would it be just a case of unbolting the old one and putting on the new one. Would the disc still line up with the caliper. The reason i ask is the the new style front wheel looks completly rubbish.[:bounce:]

it is easy, just one nut to get the hub off (might need a SLIGHT tap with a rubber mallet to release it from the axle). then one big circlip holding the caliper carrier on and away you go. check on any washers/shims/rubber dust seals and refit them the same way round and you’ll be fine.

you would need to change the whole hub, caliper & disc setup, as i think the discs are a different shape (i know grimeca discs are dished where px ones are flat). but the whole unit should just swap over.

IMHO the star hub looks well better, allows you to use a chain, must have a minimal cooling advantage and says " I am not an LML, I am Piaggio.

If you have bled your escort brakes you will have no probs on the vespa, good luck

As Adrian said the complete set up is different apart from the caliper as i found out when i needed a new caliper carrier(back plate) i have the full hub one i think the px disc star one looks better

Id like to know whether they fit as well.

I much prefer the look of the semi-hydraulic hub.

Anyone got the answer?.. anyone ever tried it?