Dim lights/ LML air filter

Hi all,
Just put my PX150 back together,( photos coming soon, It looks bloody great)
Ques 1.
Have fitted twin rear tunnel lights,but when I apply the rear brake, the headlights dim considerably. I know it is fairly common for the lights to dim, but does anybody know if this can be resolved? or at least an improvement on the ‚‘ candle in the wind effect’’?

Ques. 2
I want to derestrict my LML air filter as recomended on www.eddybullet.com ( ? ) ie; Removing the blue or white gauze and drilling a 10mm hole directly above the carb venturi.
Should I have to up size the main jet / air correction jet or just re adjust the air screw? I need to know as buying new jets etc. involves a fair amount of travel and time.
The carb’s a 20mm SPAKO ( sic ) on a standard engine. Can’t buy an original Dell’orto or Piaggio air filter for love or money in Thailand.


Hi did you replace the headlight bulb? If so check the wattage is correct. Think it should be 35/35. If its 45/45 that would cause problem. If not it could be an earth fault. Has the bike just been painted? Go round all the point whers the black wire bolts/attaches to the frame and make sure there’s bare metal there
Not sure about the answer to the second question is it on their forum it recomends this?

Yes , It’s just been painted. I’ll give it a check over.
Thanks alot .