Digital Speedo

Just received the new series 3 digital speedo for my lambretta 150.

Great looking but two problems.

1. The pitch and diameter of the threads on the new speedo will not fit on my existing lambretta speedo cable outer nut. It will not fit. How can I attach the cable to the speedo???

2. I know it comes with instructions, but they are very limited and simple. For example, I received 5 spark plug rings ???? where does the powerbox attach to.? What part of the scoot??  I am not impressed with the instructions but most concerned with the speedo cable attaching


Please help   Dave in canada

these units will not function in the way they were  advertised they should be recalled and refunded,simple they dont do what was promised,been in contact with sip over the last three weeks via email and still cant get it to work as it should,sip your losing your credibility.

Anyone set up their speedo with the KOSO SA07 external active sensor? In the manual it says:

 "if you choose B mode, please check operation step from instruction sheet"

I didn't get an instruction sheet[*-)]

Have the same problem as Andy.
But got a tip about connecting the brown wire to the white of the CDI box.
It should be shown to give RPM, someone who has tested this?


Has anyone got this to work?

you have more than likely have a "indian speedo " cable i think the speedo is for the original italian speedo 


[:D]Fitted  this new speedo last week very easy to install , took 20 mins , had an italian cable in already ,, just put new worm and cog in ,,, works a treat ,,,,, just join red and brown wire and attach to your brown from loom,,,, live feed and black one to earth ,,,,[:D]

I tried disconnecting the temp sender last night and got it all working. If the sender is connected but not fitted to the spark plug it all works and I get a temp reading so......some sort of interference issue?

Have to say it's poor that SIP are so quiet over this.


did you get all functions of the speedo to work correctly and how long have you run it on the road for.which ignition system and regulator are you using.

        cheers jeff


Have you tried to use a resistor spark plug?

I am using a ngk r in my primavera and everything works fine, (also the temperature).




had mine in for 2 weeks now ,,, only issue i have had is rev counter kept sticking ,,,,, but when i took temp sensor off it all works ,, speedo display,,, rev counter , and other bits and speedo check with sat nav and only 2 mph out when doing 65 ,,,,, Big Smile just need to succ how to correct it ,,, tyre set at 1287 and 0.77 ,,,,,

Mine worked for one evening. Now it starts off completely dead, 5 minutes later it lights up faintly, 10 minutes later it lights up fully and the rev counter needle slowly creeps up until it hits the stop. The display is all frozen with revs at 12,000. Sometimes it will show an occasional temperature reading and sometimes the needle returns slowly to the start before climbing back up to the top.


I have checked all connections, redone and added earths and checked voltage all the way back from the regulator. I have soldered joints, crimped connectors and even tried 'chocolate block' but it always does the same thing.


I'd love someone to suggest what the rpoblem might be....I'm really fed up with it.

exactley what i did ,, temp sender off ,,, gonna try and route it a diff way ,,,, do you think the temp sender might be picking up the rpm pulses ??????????



come on sip ,,,,,,,,, read and answer

Hey. what kind of ignition board, you have put on and what the rpm nr have you se it to?

Did you ever get an answer on this I have exactly the same problem?