Digital speedo for pv


After riding 150km my backlight was broken and at the same time the sip speedo to? Now I look at the the complete system and nothing works anymore!! The original flyweel give's 6V and I connect the wire like in the manual, the only different is the red wire, that's a yellow/pink in the swith. So I hope this is guarantee otherwise I 'm busted for 160 euro's.

Ciao Christian

Ciao Christian,

if I may say, that is the defect of all Vespa's with points: the nominal voltage is 6V but in reality, such "primitive" system swings between 3.5 and 16V, depending on the engine (is yours tuned?) and the rpm while you drive.

To solve it once and for all, you'd need a tension regulator. It's almost impossible to find it for 6V but it can be also done with few bucks at home...there a links explaining how on (in italian  but the drawing posted there and the list of material need no translation)



Thank you for the info Raffaele, I'm learning Italian at school for the first year, regarding the website it is difficuld to read for me but I'm concidering to install the vespatronic, than the problem is solved for 50 %, now I only need an new speedo(50%)! I still waiting for reply it is guarantee y/n?

Thanks anyway,