Differences in PK50XL Plurimatic engines

I just received a new engine I ordered. a Engine PK50XL Plurimatic, e-start with article number 28831050 . I immediately checked some things to make sure it is the same as the engine I have.

I noticed 2 big differences.'for now'

1. there's no kickstart, the original engine I have has a Kickstart.

2. The connection at the bottom to put the motor in neutral or drive seems only to have the option to go in drive. (only 1 attachement for a cable).
The original engine I have has 2 leverages with two cables attached, if you pull one it goes into drive, pull the other and it goes in neutral. see my avatar...

Q1: Why doesn't it have a kickstart?

Q2: How will the engine return to neutral?

thx for the answer


PS. can someone explain what Plurimatic means?


I have added a picture to make some things clear. this is the bottom of the engine where you attach the rearbreak, throtle and the cable for the plurimatic. the 1 and the 0. there's only the possibility to put it in drive I think. I was wandering how it returns to neutral.

After some research it seems there's a difference between the pk50xl and the pk50xl2 the difference is that the neutrall drive mode is selected by a Push and Pull cable that kan pull the lever into drive and push it back into neutral.

The Optical difference between the two is the steering wheel that is bigger on a xl2.