Differences between V50 and Primavera


I live in cold Norway, and I’m finding my 1976 V50S a bit to slow…
And yes, I could tune it… But!
If the police stops me (as they tend to do), I would get a fine of aprox 4000,- nok (thats about 500 euros!!)

I therefore thinking of getting my V50 registered as a Primavera.

The police tells my that it should be no problem, as long as I can show them that there is no difference between those two scooters… If there were any differences, I had to change it like it is on the primavera…

I therfore hope that all You Vespa-freaks here in the forum could tell me what to do?

And is it possible to get some papers from the factory that tells the norwegian police that the V50-frame is allso made for 125-engines?

Thank You anyway!

Happy New Year by the way!!!

1960 Vespa 150
1976 Vespa V50s

Although the frames are basically the same on the smallframe range and motors are inter-changable the prefixs are differant.Depending on how the law stand’s in Norway I don’t know if it’s possible to do this,in the UK it’s not a problem as you just return your paper’s with the new information included.

The only way I can see of getting clarification if needed would be to join a national club and have them write a letter explaining the situation.I have afriend living in Norway who maybe able to offer some help and advice as he build’s tuned Vespa’s and Lambretta’s.

E-mail me directley and I’ll put you in contact with him if you like.

I too live in norway, and this is what they have told me:

When it comes to increasing the engine capacitiy within a certain class of motorcycle (whether you need an A1 or A permit) it is ok as long as you bring a long some sort of documentation saying that, for instance the brakes, are the same on a 150 and a 200 largeframe. This way you could tune a 150 with a 177 kit or put a 200cc engine in it.

Same thing goes if you increase the displacement of a vespa 90 to anything up to 125. Although they might have problems with the fact that you are increasing the HP-output a lot…

If you can bring along the documentation that shows that the brakes on the 50cc are the same as on the vespa 90 for instance that should be enough.

What you could also do is just cut off the frame number from a 90 or 125 frame and weld it on to your 50cc frame. I know quite a few who do that. Not really legal, but who cares? No one.

I guess ist possible to register the 50 as a 125 in Norway, but this will cost more than its worth. If you put in a reasnable kit like a polini og malossi 75 and run it wit a standard exhaust, is there no chance that this will be discocered.