Differences between cable kit´s gas cables


I mounted one of the gas cables that came with the SIP premium kit and it is too long, about 4 cm.

The other gas cable, is it shorter?

I see that the other gas cable has an end cap which I don´t think is going to fit into the plastic cable bracket that I mount. The other cable fits ok.

Thanks, Vic



Hello victorg,


Which item code did you order and which Vespa model did you try to fit it to?


Best regards,



Hi Martin

I have the vespa primavera 1982 from Spain.

I have learnt that the sleeves need to be 1350 mm long. Just like one I just tried on the bike. But that cable maybe less that 1 cm short to fit perfectly.

Apparently here you order a cable nipple for the handlebar end and adjust yourself.

So the cable I tried first was too long, but the sleeve was too short (i will measure this later). Otherwise I could have cut the cable shorter and use a cable nipple.

The second cable´s sleeve is fine. The cable is a little short I think. I could use the first cable with the second sleeve, but I cut the bottom end of that cable by mistake.