difference beteween spaco and dell-orto ?


I'm Marc, SIP dealer in Belgium.

I ordered by sip a Dell-orto si20-20D ref 23917700.

My client received the carb in a beautifull Dell-orto box but it's stamped "Spaco" everywere on the carb.

So a littlebit disappointed...

Here are my questions :

- What's the real difference between a Dell-orto and a spaco carb ?(in this case 23917700 vs 23917900)

- How can we technicaly seeing that difference on the carb ?


Thank you in advance.


Marc Milis.


Thanks for the info !!!


Hi Marc!

SPACO is a licensed manufacturer for carburettor parts for DELLORTO. They´re producing parts under Dellorto´s watch.


In your case the carburettor consists of SPACO and DELLORTO parts but is finished and proved by Dellorto in Italy.