Did I get a defective Speedo or Wiring Harness for Speedo?

I just received my Speedometer/Rev Counter SIP part number MV91402CJ. I needed the connector for the pre-2014 GTS (before ABS).

The electrical is not working properly.
When I turn on the electrical:

  • The unit turns on, the speedo needle goes to max, holds, and returns to zero, and all lights are on.
  • Fuel gauge is flashing

When I start the scooter:

  • Lights turn off, except the headlamp, brights, and check engine light. These three lights never go off. The headlamp and brights indicators, both lit, do not change, no matter whether I have my brights engaged or not.
  • Turn signals are reversed - When I have the LEFT blinker on, the Speedometer shows RIGHT, and vice versa
  • ABS light is on and stays on, even though my GTS doesn’t have ABS
  • Fuel gauge no longer appears


This is the 2nd speedo I’ve had to order, because their parts fitter system didn’t properly recognize my 2014-but-no-ABS Vespa GTS Super. I’m really upset at all the shipping charges, and now this does not work with the proper harness. Yes, I have everything connected correctly (If they are not connected correctly, the „code“ light blinks twice, and the speedo needle moves up and down as if it’s having a seizure).

Has anyone had this issue? Could anyone possibly point me in the direction to fix?