Devil inside water cooled malossi

Does anybody here have any idea what kind of work is involved in fitting a water cooled suzuki, malossi kit made by devil inside?

Also what would be a fair price to pay for one that has been sitting on a shelf for a few years?

Also Is it entirely necessary to have a water cooled head with it?

Here are some pics of this kit.

No idea on it to be honest.

What I would say is I’ve never seen a L/C barrel without the same type head.I’m presuming the water way’s would need to link with the head although I’m sure Curare,Diablo and Avenger will have a far better idea on the workings of them.

sorry but I don’t know this kit either.
From your (small) picture it seams the cylinder is water cooled too. If this is the case of course you have to use in combination with a water cooled head. If is air cooled it is not mandatory. But it looks great though.