Destroyd Cosa-clutch (Reinforced)

Hi all!

This is my reinforced Cosa clutch after aprox. 1000km on a P2-lump with Polini208, Mazzu 57mm, 30mm karb, Dominator pipe...



And the woodrofkey;



Some power in that machine...

Friend keeps killing cosa clutches with his hyper tuned Malossi P2 as well. He went back to the old type clutch with a reinforced ring & hasn't had any problems with it so far. It is a bit of an ass though to go back to the old type clutch though. Have you tried a MMW clutch?

Good luck!


I use a standard elestart flywheel without the tooth-ring...

I've ordered a new baseplate for the clutch, so I give it a new try...

If it doesn't work, I've to sort out something else, like a reinforced P2-clutch...

Hmmm… I think these vespa clutches are a bit like that. I went through quite a few till I got the one I am on now that has lasted about 3 years. I was about in the same place as you, at the end of it all. Some of the units I put in wouldn’t work at all. Others managed to „weld“ themselves to the crank - all nasty stuff.
I found that the cosa clutch was much better and stronger than the standard reinforced basket though.

How’s your cush drive?
Do you use a bearing clutch actuator?
Reinforced springs?

Thats about all I can think of really… thats what I have installed and it’s fine. I do cane it sometimes but it never lets go.

Out of interest what flywheel have you got? I used to get through clutches all the time till I got rid of the HP4. Have a PK alloy one now and the clutch has been fine, oh I stopped doing wheelies as well which probably helped too.