Dellorto vacuum fuel pump

Does any body know of a website in English where I can find instructions on fitting a Dellorto vacuum fuel pump to a Vespa? Also can I fit the fuel pump and a boostbottle on my engine? Or does the boostbottle cancel out the fuel pump? I have a boostbottle on my PX210 but I want to fit a fuel pump and keep the boostbottle if possible. The instructions that came with it are in Italian and the pictures are shite cos it is a piss-poor photocopy. Thanks in advance.

Ive yet to read ANYWHERE about blocking off the breather tube, learnt the hard way! Well done on the college stuff. Envious of all of you out there able to play. Going a bit stir here. Programming going ahead but need to go into the workshop for dimensions and cant do that yet. Reckon Ill be making within 4 months tho.

yo ade, ican vouch for the ace you can use both coz i am but expect fuel consumption around 12-14 mpg on a 210.heavy but well worth it.nice to see your spread in the mag ade, not carnal enough for me but heho.ace,get better you f***er, theres no time to be lying around.come and play in the traffic

Doc, theres nothing better than laying around doin squat. Will gladly come and play in the traffic, but gonna be about a whole fuckin year before I can do that. Can do some good stuff up to then. Love the idea of a methanol fueled pj, are you gonna use a separate float chamber?. On a sadder note, Terry from Taffspeed passed away on Saturday. A man, a great friend, who’ll be sadly missed. Let the great man race on a higher plane!

Thanks Ace, nowhere on the instructions does it mention blocking the breather so you have saved me a possible blow up. College is going well, passed first exam in only 3 weeks (100%), been designing a tube frame for a vespa chopper, will be looking to build it eventually.

Hiya Ade, You can use the fuel pump without detriment with the boost bottle. A pipe from crankcase/ below piston is required and goes to the vacuum point on the pump, it has a symbol that looks like a sign wave, an ‚s‘ on its side with line thru it ($ almost). Fuel pipe from tank to a T piece and straight on to inlet side of pump(trial+error). Out other connection to T pce and straight on to carb. Then small connecting pipe between each of the 90 connections on the two T pieces. Points to note. Either crimp, or safer, remove tap assembly and solder up, the brass breather tube. If you dont do this the pump will prefer to pump air due to less resistance. Result is TERMINAL. Many tubes a partially blocked and get away with it but… Also try to rubber mount the pump on a bracket. Ive found the best solution is to use late type vauxhall airbox rubber bobbins, similar to a mini exhaust bobbin but very small and useable. It is possible to test pump by putting pipes on the pump and determining flow direction by sucking on vacuum pipe in rapid pulses. dont try with petrol, unleaded is carcegenic, causes cancer. Must be getting old to worry about that shit. Enjoy.