Decoking Engine...Torque settings

Hi All,

I am going to decoke my engine (PX125) not sure what or how to make sure when I resit the cylinder head what torque settings are and how I know I am doing it correctly, can someone advise please.

Regards, Brian.

Hi when you tighten the head do the nuts up evenly as you look at the head top left. then bottom right. then top right .bottom left
the torque setting is 1.3 to 1.8 kgf m or 9.4 to 13.lbf ft
hope this helps Gary

any good scooter shop like taffspeed or beedspeed sell them £1.25 each from beedspeed could you borrow a torque wrench


good setting from gas7 for standard engine, but if you have a kit go to 2,2kgf (around 22Nm )


I am no real mechanic, I’m afraid I dont know what these figures mean, I only own a cheap set of tools, shall I go out and buy a Torque rachet set and is there some sort of instructions. I cleaned the piston, bore and cylinder head today and have not put it back together yet as 1 of the studs has lost it’s threading so i cannot get the nut back on. the joys of trying to learn.

Are these studs easy enough to pick up from local scooter shop and are there expensive?