Cylinder with carburetor intake for a 150 sprint


This is my first post. Greetings to all!

I'm searching a good performance cylinder with carburetor intake for a 150 sprint engine.

I have seen the Pinasco 177 has a version with 2 transfers ports, but it seems that the carburetor intake isn't in the cylinder. Is it?


I have seen the Quattrini MX1L.   

Is there any cheaper solution as PK has to put a reed valve in my engine?

Thank you very much !

Hi dude


i´m a little bit confused ....



is your engine a 1. seires sprint engine ?

and do you have an direct manifold, because the sprint never had an direct manifold.




So if everything is original it should be like this:


Cylinder  80520000 aluminium or 80510000 iron cast

Carburetor 24 si from the px 200 e




will run great [:D]