Cylinder upgrade help?

Hi, im thinking of upgrading to a Racing cylinder 177ccm PINASCO Vespa 125 VNB/GT/GT/GTR/Super/ 150 VBA/VBB/GL/Sprint/T4/Super, 2 ports, Ironcast, Ø=63mm, incl. Cylinderhead. for my 1963 vespa 150GL. is there any thing i need to be aware of one before i buy it two fitting it? it is a two port cylinder.

Id be really grateful for any help



Hi dude


Basically i recommend you to change minimum the conrod bearing !!!!

The rest should be easy to realize and it´s plug and play.


If you want to create a more reliable setup it would be great to open the hole engine and change all bearings oil seals etc....


Also a bigger carburetor that fits your engine (SI24) would be a good choice.