Cylinder Malossi 221cc fit well on PX200 engine?

I have a Sprint with a PX200 engine and RZ Mark One exhaust, will the Malossi 221cc racing cylinder fit? Also what other parts that I need? Flywheel? Long Stroke Crankshaft? Carburetor? Short 4th Gear? Anything else missing? Any suggestion? Please help me out.

My goal is around 140km/h or more.

Hey Toohk, I have a 210 kit with a Mikuni 32, a Custom manifold/reed block similar to an MB but it runs Kawasaki KX80 reeds... I see that you're thinking about the Newfren Cosa clutch (banded)... If you get this clutch make sure to get the surflex reenforced retaining ring.  I had two regular cosa clutches simply fall apart on me (to much HP) so I got the Newfren and the same thing happened.  Pierre (SIP Tech) told me about the heavy duty (Wider) retaining ring... I think it's a must with that clutch... However I still plan to get either an S&S clutch basket or the MMW basket... I've heard great things about both, especially how they Don't expand at all and come apart... that's next on my list.  I'd also recommend the PK flywheel...

Make sure and get the ring if you go with the Newfren Cosa "Standard" clutch... even though it's banded the ring that comes with is just popped out with any serious HP (as you're obviously going for)  Sounds like you'll be going fast.  But as I've learned and continue to learn, all this stuff does come with work... But it's all good, and fun.



Do you want to go reed or stick with rotary?

For durability consider the PKXL flywheel ( 50020000) for PX instead of the HP4

Gearwheel 36 cogs, 4th gear ( 17812400)

Clutch NEWFREN "COSA" Standard ( 93041000)

Racing Cylinder MALOSSI 221cc ( 11006000)

Gasket Cylinder Base (th) 1,0mm, ( 90753000)

Crankshaft SERIE PRO by MAZZUCCHELLI ( 45041000)

Flywheel SIP Touren, PIAGGO PK Spezia ( 50020000)

Carburetor Kit MALOSSI PHB 30 ( 40120000)

Is that what I need?

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I will buy MALOSSI 221cc!!

I have VESPA PX MALOSSI 210cc scooter (60mm longcrank, SIP-ROAD or PEP3 exhaust) 

But! I do not have Reedvalve system!

I have 26mm Delotto carb!

Not Reedvalve possible to do?


They are both the same kit, equally to install. But you have to adapt casings for ports and inlet



Thanks Mike[Y], how about Crankshaft and Carburetor? Any recommend?

If you want to go fast and don't want to do the porting work on the cyl/piston yourself then the SESC or Worb5 kit is recommendable. The info on the SESC kit says 190 exhaust timing with 1mm base gasket. To get 190 degrees on the Worb5 kit you'll have to use 1,5mm base gasket. 

It is hard to give advice but you might look at these:

4th gear from PX125 (36 cogs)

Reinforced and stiffer clutch, maybe banded cosa, or better, MMW or S&S baskets

Carb 30-38 Keihin or Mikuni

Reed intake, MMW or S&S with RD350 reedblock

Any of the highend Worb5 or S&S 60mm cranks for reed intake


This pile of stuff is pretty expensive and alot can go wrong, just saying [:P]



Carb 30-38 Keihin or Mikuni

Reed intake, MMW or S&S with RD350 reedblock

Any of the highend Worb5 or S&S 60mm cranks for reed intake

Hi Mike, I have no idea what the above items look like, could you please post the for the items that you mention?


Are you referring to the 'SESC' kit? This cylinder still got a 68,5mm bore. It's just modified to run with a 60mm crank. To get the most out of this kit you'll have to do some labour to get it breathing right, this is no bolt-on.

What is your goal?

Also is there a big different between the Racing Cylinder Malossi 210cc and Malossi 221cc? Which is more easy to install and handle?

Wow! Thank so much for your opinion.[:D]

Let say I'm willing to get a Malossi 210cc Cylinder Kit and a HP4 Flywheel, could you please recommend which 60mm long stroke Crankshaft and Carburetor that match or any other upgrade parts that I might need to meet my goal?

Hi just wanted to ask you a couple of things:
the Malossi cylinder, is the black amended by seriepro 221, and sold in SIP SCOOTER?
If so, do you've got 60 mm crankshaft truth?
Does the stock rides alone, or with a Board of stock?
The Board of the cylinder few mm her you have installed?
And lastly you explain because I am asking all this:
Do I have bought this tipping: = 11006000
And the question I have is whether the Board of the base of the cylinder there is to buy it separately, or that is included. It is that I have measured, is not more than 0.5 mm, and must install a 1 mm.
Is that not is if they were wrong and have sent me the original cylinder malossi 210 meetings, since it brings 3 together, a foil to the base of the cylinder, another copper for the stock, not is if you have to mount it, and the other black rubber, which not is where it is installed.
Thanks a lot!