Cylinder kits/exhaust

Does anybody can tell me what is the best combination for a cylinder kit and exhaust for a Vespa PX150?[:D]

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it depends what degree of tuning you want and money to spend.

1- DR177(18 ignition) W4AC , or Pinasco (20 ignition) W3AC, standard carburator bigger main jet
sito plus exaust.

2- for more performance you can go with the 24si carb you wil be able to keep autolube (attention there is a 24 si carb not autolube) If you are interested I have a 24si autolube I can sell you half new price used 100km and then went for more serious tuning. you can contact me if interested[:(][email protected])

3- more power you’ll get with Polini or Malossi. Malossi more power high rpm, Polini more full caracter.
For this kind of kit I think to use them for the purpose they were created you need to work your engine cases, you need bigger carbs, and you will also consider some work on your crankshaft. At this point you will need up gearing too. But of course they will work bolt on with no other mod.
Between the two bolt on I’ll go for the Polini.

If you go for the first, the mildest option I will go Pinasco. Very similar to the original more torque and very relyable.
(I have one not used if interested contact me I sell half price bought at SIP )

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at this moment I live in Switzerland.