cylider kit

hello to all sip memers, i need an advice as to which kit is better for my LML px150 vespa, . malossi, polinni or a quattrini m1x.. read some about the first two kits and have not decided yet. then saw your ad on the quattrini m1x.. has anybody tried the m1x? thanks have a great day to all..

hi ...


i think that you cant say what is the best cylinder kit ...


they are all awesome


1. DR 177 is good for touring , long life and plug and play

2. Polini has more power but it needs more adjustment regarding carb etc.

3. Malossi 166 is very powerful, but needs a 28 carb an a race crank !

4. the Quattrini also needs carb 28 or higer and a race crank with the correct pipe, is the setup perfekt you got a rocket !