CVT FR4 variator 125 vs 150


I own a S150ie in Melbourne, Australia and just ordered the CVT FR4 variator but I mistakenly ordered the 125 version instead of the 150 version.

125 : CVT1251050

150 : CVT1251100

I assume the only difference between these two models are the roller weights?

I appreciate if someone could correct me if I am wrong in my assumption[*-)]

I look forward to your response.

OK I have an update from SIP confirming the variator is the same but I need different rollers which it seems they don't sell.


I guess I will have to return this variator and go with something more readily available with parts as the rollers (21x17, 11g) are not easily found.


SIP have directed me to a Malossi roller that meets the size and weight but unfortunately I am not allowed to purchase them from their site and they are not allowed to sell Malossi to customers in Australia.[:'(]