Customscooters wanted for SCOOTERING Magazine!

I just had contact with Stuart, the editor of the british SCOOTERING Magazine.
He is searching for Customscooters to feature in his magazine.
Somehow it seems as if the scene had fallen asleep or not interested any longer in nice and shiny Customscooters or Streetracers, but we both still think that doing some conversion like this is such a wonderful thing that is worth sharing it with other Scooterists.
What could be a better climax of a scooterist carrier than getting ones own scooter featured at Scootering magazine??

Get in contact with me at

[email protected]

and send some pics of your scooter. I will forward them to Scootering Magazine. Let´s fill up the mag again with hot stuff!

Hi, Sounds like a great project and I believe..(I live in france and am away from the "scene").....that the scooter scene is alive and kicking!


Take a look and post your ad here...Vespa Club of Britain forum • Index page


Good luck.......


I would love to receive copys of the mag in France...How do I get one?





im in usa