Custom Mk1 T5 225, Fully Hydrolic, Water Cooled Project (Redline Racer)

ok here is a little taste

the start Jan. last year.....
![[image] |290x203](upload://cCOdj7463HkIE3aXtGeSV9oylTQ.jpeg)![[image] |255x205](upload://wdRdbCVjEZvPDZNwvpEo7ioD9yA.jpeg)![[image] |292x236](upload://rJ11KVqh1Xtc2ii8yqt6RCPaHTm.jpeg)![[image] |198x253](upload://boE6SLSvz9szYFjhmvTthPhN0hg.jpeg)a few gold bits

a bit of engraving too
![[image] |531x411](upload://mieNblimP8n5vQqqOBxVGYpaNrm.jpeg) 

the start of the cold build

![[image] |522x429](upload://3WFi1kzLnf11PUWHXaA9g1dv14g.jpeg)

r1 filler cap fitted too
![[image] |508x382](upload://tZ8JHUdTKoES9ZVrJnlraYvs7fo.jpeg)

converted to fully hydrolic - before plating                 
![[image] |428x289](upload://uYXv2m7SYlRTl9mdwCkhi1ZMMqH.jpeg)

![[image] |423x268](upload://eLNuIPBaydquPGfrZ31g7UXpyS4.jpeg)
![[image] |459x334](upload://zv1CXvXnAD0onZ1sMuZ4hO6L7j7.jpeg)

![[image] |512x365](upload://4UR90PfVopjLyhSRQHDqmtDPjK6.jpeg)

water cooled too........
i have't done that much to if for the past few month but below are the most upto date

![[image] |527x358](upload://j27ePs3gNemqZesYR0G7NTEq0w4.jpeg)

o and a bit of a custom floor going on too........

![[image] |599x462](upload://cmLMMriG6YKy60vIsrEb4buGwyy.jpeg)

i hope you like it, this is just a taste of what is to come..........

awesome would love to see more

i agree - any updates?

Nice work

Quality. Are they Ade Newnham rearset rear brake?

Continue like that! :) You got great ideas!

What size are those rims?

Is this bike finish?

any update?