Hello Curare, how are you?

Do you know from which metal is made the Malossi reedvalves block where I have to weld the stuffer, just to know what kind of welding I have to do.



It’s ok Curare, I’ve done it with cold weld this morning.

Can you tell me what is the art number for front brake pads on my PX150?

Is it the same pad for front and rear as I don’t find any different article on the SIP Web

hello Mikkke,

I am late for your the welding question, glad you solved by yourself.
The pad art. is the same.

…is your scooter finally almost ready ?

Ok thanks, I was not sure!

Almost, that’s it!!

I am fitting the fuel pump, I think I have to remove all the air in the system, don’t I?

I will ride like this and then I’m still thinking about trying to buy a PX200 engine and tune it or continue with my 150?

Time will tellme what to do?

See ya!!!