He Curare,

How are you, it’s been a long time since we heard about you!!!

C’mon Curare .
Don’t be lazy or I’ll tell the nurse and there won’t be anymore bed baths!


I seriously feel inadequate with my contenental bretherin’s languistic ability.[:(]

Don’t worry, it’s all about Vespas don’t care about the language, we can draw on a paper

You know I am the manager of the dispatching in my factory, and truckers comes from all the countries around, turkish, swedish, italians, portuguese, german, spanish, tchekish, and so on and I can tell you by experience that we are able to understand everything if we try…


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Sorry for the map but I really don’t have much time in these days, I only ride some 50kms this month!!!

Do you think it’ll be sufficient?

Curare for the carb,

what is influent for the carb, temperature, humidity or else?

It seems that it didn’t reach the higher revs, normally it use to go longer and longer but right now it’s shorten and the engine don’t go as long in the revs as it uses to do…

Maybe it helps


Original von mikkke: What is the best way for you to clean up my airfilter, mine is like this one, click this link :

Hi Mikkke, try this:

  • spray it with engine degreese
  • whait a few minutes
  • rinse in cold water
  • clean it in hot water with dishwashing liquid
  • rinse with hot water
  • blow dry with compressed air from the inside out

Hi Mikkke,
Here is one for you


hello Mikkke,

I am doing better then expected. Almost got full recovery. But now it is just a question of fine tuning. The building and opening job is finished.

I always read all the messages in the board, even though lately I have been lazy for answering…

tanks again

how are your scooters going ?

hello Mikkke,

about your carb set up can you come out with some consideration when it seams to go better? Like it is better whith warm weather or when it gets colder or other things?

Just for curiosity which French forum are you talking about?
I don’t write in any french forum since I am not confortable with french writing, I sometimes write on an italian forum, vespaonline, but I don’t do it too often and to tell you the truth it is not even a pleasure since unfortunately there are few user that spoilt with their attitude the constructive exchange of informations.

Tank you for the proposition for French translation, but I can read and speak french.

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here you can chose one,

oui Mikkke, je parle français mais je ne l’ecris pas bien, et je perds beacoup de temps pour reflechir sur l’appelation des mots.

Sorry guys for this small french break.

Oh, so cool!!!

I should phone you one time with our english, your french and my little italian, we should understand ourselves easily!!!



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I try to ride yesterday, temperature was around 12° and I try to go without any and it was a lot better like this!

What is the best airfilter system as I can’t ride without any airfilter?
What about your airfilter system?

hello Mikkke,

then was a problem of the air filter and very problably you were running rich. This with an air filter not clean enough made the variation you have experienced since the engine depended from external variations, cooler temperature, to have enough air.

I personally use either RAM air filter or K&N.

Instal next smaller main jet and put a RAM air and you should do it.
And every now and then clean it…