Curare out of coma

hello to everybody,
I have just registered since I have been told that in this forum somehow you received the news of Curare’s accident.
I am a person close to Curare, and I happily report that he is out of coma and his life is not in danger. Now he needs only time to get stronger. I personally red to him all your messages and he was profundly touched. He tanks you from the deep of his heart of your special support as me and his relatives.

Tank you all again.
If somebody reeds this and knows in which other forum Curare was writing would be nice if could pass the message.

thank you, Marjorie.

Brilliant news,I wish you a speedy recovery!
I will be watching out for you to let you know how the 21/65

tanks again,

as far as my ealth Mikkke it is OK considering the happaning. I am not home again, but if everything goes well I should go home in 2-3 weeks. Now I need only to be patient with reabilitation. But at least I managed to have a post with my PC, so it will be less boring.

Tanks all again!!!

I’m really glad to hear that,my best wishes for his speedy and full recovery.

Thats really good news hope you soon get better curare .Thanks marjorie for letting us know , Gary[:drink:]

Go on Curare
I knew it wasn’t possible!
Stay strong and hope that all of us give you a little more power to recover.

Waiting for more news!!!

Thanks to Marjorie

;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

A shock to read this news, been away from this forum for a while. All the best, Curare, hope you get back here soon, this forum needs you!


hello to everybody,
I am not in the condition of dancing and I won’t be for a certain time but I am OK.
I thank you all for your support to me and to my family during this time. I have been profundly touched, and for sure you gave me some strenght and motivation to pull out from the difficult situation I was in.

Tank you all again


OK, I’m writing about it in VespaOnLine, the Italian Forum.
Very good news, thank you!

That’s great news. Get well soon Curare.

Get well soon Curare… you’re a font of knowledge and respected by everyone who uses this forum.

Thank you very much for the fantastic news!
wish you a speedy recovery!


Excellent news…

There is a God


Get well soon Curare.

I look forward to get future advices from your unlimitet knowledge of classic Vespa.

Thank God! It was a shock to read, - and thank you Marjorie for giving us so good news that Curare was out of coma! Get well soon, - we are really looking forward to have you Curare back here again.
All the best wishes from Pondus.

Great news, Hope to have you back with us soon.


[:bounce:] [:bounce:] [:bounce:]

[:drink:] [:drink:] [:drink:]

Fantastico news,
Curare, you haven’t been out of my thoughts. Have a speedy recovery and get riding soon. Hurry up and get back on the board there’s a hell of a back list of unanswered questions!!!

Thank you very much Majorie.

Cheers Grimesy.[:rotate:] [:D] [:dance2:]

Fantastic news! Here’s hoping for a quick recovery!
[:dance2:] [:smokin:]

What a nice thing to read.
Get well soon Curare!!

Tank you marjorie for the message.