Curare is Back


Nice to see you back mate !!!



Hi Max…Welcome back friend,you had a lot of people worried on here mate,even though many of us have never met you personally it came as such a shock to hear of your accident.
Take your time and get well soon…Dave…[:dance1:]

Those are kind words mate but I think Curares forgotton more than I know. Tis great to have you back Curare. I almost darn’t ask but was your scoot totally trashed?

tank you Gaz7.

Hi Curare…not yet mate…still having conflicting thoughts on the gearing…but as soon as you are back on your feet i will be picking your brains for help…[:)]

tank you Anthony Kell and tank you Grimesy66, and Diablo,

yes Grimesy it seams a fast recover but I am still not home and now it has been two weeks and I am going to stay here another 2 or three more. Yes the doc should have kitted me but they are prefering a slow restoration job that apparently will continue long after I will leave the centre with comimg back for body work with the preservetion of the original paint… at least I hope…It is just boring expecially during summer…
for my crash test I chose the option of my Ducati that yes Diablo it is totally out of condition and nature didn’t provide the thing with autonomous regeneration capacity… but insurance should pay the total.

Hi Curare,
Wow! that was quick! Did your doctor prescribe Polini or Mallossi? And if yes, did you tune it?
Diablo’s been doing a good job filling the void in your absence and he deserves credit for that. Anyway,glad your back and take it easy.



blimey you must be bored to reply that quick lol[;)] [;)]

Hey curare glad to see you back!

The closest i’ve come to Ducati is my HT coil…

Hi Curare

Welcome back, nice to know you’re safe and well.


hi curare
glad to see your on the mend and hope it’s a speedy recovery

as a lot of us have missed your infinate wisdom [:smokin:]
and advice

at least you got us to help while away the time ;D [:D] [:drink:]


Glad you are back on track, Curare !


tank you slidingdog and novista.

Mikkke, I am slowly getting better, there are days when body hurts more than others; starting to getting up on my feet for a 10m walk…but with some help. Made me think if when you get old it is like this then getting old is a bad prospective with no hope for recovering! And more generally your caracter doesn’t improve either so you are a pain for yourself and the other! In few words some bad karma thing…
and your malossi 166 engine?

I’m glad to see you on the road to recovery Curare,take thing’s easy and enjoy your „rest“ the best you can.

tank you postman_bat, I am happy to be back here too.


How are you going, mate?


tanks you again for your support!!!


thank you JuanK and vespamalossi.

for vespamalossi: are you resolving the problems to go over 85mph?

Good to have you back on the site hope you have speedy recovery Gary

Nice to see you back! also that the first thing the insurance is paying for, is improvments on your bike[:D]