Curare in critical condition

hello to everybody, I sadly report that I have just red in the Italian vespa forum vespaonline that curare had a very serious accident and that his condition is critical.
More of this I can’t say. Just to let you know since most of you here know him.
If I reed something more I will keep you updated.

That is terrible news. Hope you pull through Curare my thoughts are with you.

Does anybody have better information?

Hope you pull through ok

Does anybody knows him more personnally?
Did someone tried to phone his house?

Fingers crossed,thinking of you![:’(]

Be strong man and good luck.

Hello, I manage two sections in VOL (VespaOnLine), an Italian Vespa forum; like Costabravo said it seems Curare has not gone, but his condition should be very critical.
Does anybody have better information?

This is a shock to us all, as said, since he is so generious with his knowledge and willingness to help…

I really hope he pulls through as the world cannot afford to lose another good guy.




I haven’t posted on here for a long time, just been lurking.

He’s a top fella the way he helps everybody with his detailed knowledge.

Pull through Curare!!

Best thoughts from Australia mate.

SHIT!!! havent bin on for a while,but a mate foned me earlier and asked had i heard,so logged on just to be sure.a A FIRST CLASS GUY!! (god he swore by pollini).many an argument we had,(banter) but the fella new his said above,always a thread answered.condol to his family.HE WILL BE SADLY MISSED ON THIS BOARD [:@] [:sleep:] well my friend.gone but not forgoten. from all the guys over here in n.ireland

Be strong mate,we are all lost without you[:(]

hope you pull through curare very sad news

My best wishes go to Curare and his family.I hope he may recover and,if not,may he pass as peacefully as possible.

I just don’t know what to say, this is really sad news.


oh dear! all the best to curare and family. get well soon. the doc

Our thoughts are with you, pull thru mate

very sad news … epspecially to hear of the passing of someone who was so openly generous and helpful to others who share a passion.
Hope you recover swiftly and ride on soon.

Don’t know him personly, but he’s always helping and takes his time to explain,
crap with words ,but thoughts to his family and friends.
and hope for a full recovery

Pull through mate…all our thoughts are with you and your family at this time.[:(]