Cruciform washer

Do you have to fit a small washer between the selector rod and cruciform on a p200efl engine.
Took mines apart and it had the wrong cruciform and no washer .
Want to make sure it gets reassembled correctly.

Thanks for your help guys.
cheers Brian-D.

According to Haynes manual, printed 1985, it should be a washer between collecting rod and cruciform.

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Best way to be sure,is if you can fit 17mm spanner on the selecter rod(the reverse thread,selector box attaches to!) it’s a flat cruciform with no washer.
13mm its a stepped cruciform and needs washer

No washer is required on efl boxes. The cruciform is a flat type rather than the old style one which kicks up at the ends.

 thanks for your replies.

The one that came out of it was flat with no washer fitted, I took it that it was the wrong one because in the haynes manual the gearbox drawing shows a washer fitted to the angled cruciform.
Just want to be sure and fit the correct one.

Yes thats right