Cruciform quality

So what do you think of the quality of cruciforms these days? It seems that you strip down and old vespa that hasn’t been touched since it left the factory 25 years ago, replace the cruciform then 2 years later it’s already worn out. Is it just the way I ride or is the quality really worse than it used to be?

Are the „V/A“ branded ones and the Piaggio ones the same quality? They look suspiciously like they are made by the same people…but of course the one in the Paiggio bag costs twice as much.

Vespa gears aint the best, if its on a px get the late type gearbox 86 onwards, it should solve most of your problems. Cruciforms will allways wear but they do it more slowly on the newer gears.

There are some poorly made cruciforms out there, i recently purchased one and it would’nt fit, upon checking it was badly stamped out and of uneven thickness when viewed horizontally.It was a late model px type e.g flat not stepped legs.[[:O]]

It is certainly true that some of the pattern parts are of bad quality. Best to buy genuine parts if they are affordable. I recently had to buy a new CDI unit and went for a pattern part, the CDI works fine, however, it hits the rear indicator on the inside and causes an intermitant connection.