Cruciform probs again

OR IS IT??? 5k out of a cruciform, (was done during the yearly rebuild) now, u thinks me has a fecked gear somewhere! jumpin out of 3rd (usual cruciform diagnostics) but this is the 2nd one as was doin this before rebuild. so what u think? crap cruciform or fecked gearcog? even better, taking bets for which gear cog! still a few weeks left before she goes to sleep for the winter so dont wanna do open heart surgury just yet! (need fleetwood out of the way first)

have u tried your gearlayshaft shims if the are worn they allow you gears to move more which can give the same feeling as your cruciform beeing worn. You can get the shims in oversizes and i think the play allowance is wrote down in one of the sip catologues so try that and see how it goes