Crap performance

Hello its been a while since ive been on the site but ive got a problem with my T5 again it had popped the clutch side oil seal and this was severely affecting my performace i sorted it outand every thing was fine, until my standard pipe started sounding crap, i put on a leovinci that i had lying about and now my performance is shit again ive tried 110 and 112 jets and nothing . Any advice lads and ladesses[:dance2:] [:dance2:] [:dance2:]

The only advice i could give you is to get another exhaust for your scoot. The leovinci has never done any scooter any favours nevermind an engine like the T5!! I would suggest either a sip evolution or a Taffspeed Goldline or if you can get your hands on one get a Mk3 Mickek exhaust, they are the mutts!! Got one on my PX and holy S**t!! These exhausts are expensive but worth it in the end, just ask whoever you buy it from to send the jetting through with the pipe.
The only other thought that i have is that perhaps your piston rings might need replaced, check your compression if it aint as good as it was then i would suggest getting new rings into it cos if you dont it`ll just keep getting worse and worse until…POP!!!

Hope this helps. [:bounce:] [:drink:] [:smokin:]