Crankshaft race bearing?

hi to all, do i have to replace the race bearing that goes with the flywheel side bearing as a set??? im referring this thing forced fitted on the crank. cheers!

if you mean the flywheel bearing? the inner race(fitted to the crank) comes with the bearing

if you mean do you change with the new outer ..yes!  I have used old one(left on crank, as did not want to split cases) as a quick fix, but not if doing it properly,

the bearing race on the crank is quite easy to do ...but you must be carful not to damage the oil seal surface(let air/run weak) or twist/knock out of line the crank so if any doubt, take to someone who can help




Bearing Set crankshaft flywh..

for Vespa 125 GTR 2°/TS 2°/150
Sprint V 2°/Super 2°/Rally
SIP, blue/blue, 25x62x12
/25x38x15, 24x35x6/31x62x5.8
/4.3 mm,
incl. rubber oil seal

is the above set ok for Long Stroke Crankshaft MAZZUcchelli on my p210e malossi

your right slidingdog! i didnt replace the race bearing that is fitted on the crank and it had a little play sideways of the flywheel, too bad i have to open the ase again whew! but do you think its bad idea to use it for a while? will this thing make damages on the engine ? thanks again, cheers!

Hi, the bearing comes as a complete unit, so should be an exact fit before you start , if just changing the outer part you already have wear on the inner race ,so will not be perfect! also if the drive side  is worn, it will put more play on the bearing, wearing it out quicker!! so to be best replace both!!  but???? I have replaced both and still had play.. not sure if the bearing is suposed too?(looked into using T5 as bigger? but you can't just wedge them in!!!!!!)

small play in and out is normal,(when pulling in clutch it will move slighttly)but up and down is not!

it doesnt have play in and out but it does play up and down. what do you mean looked into using t5 as bigger? you mean t5 cranksahaft bearing? will it fit? maybe i should try replacing both inner and outer and update you on this, hope it wont damage anything on my engine while using it. cheers!