Crank difference?

can anyone help me out here? what is the difference between these two cranks?






I understand both are standard crankshafts (not race cut) for VBC. However the Meceur one (Art.Nr. 45153000) is rated at 1550g? and it says 54mm stroke? is that wrong?

I have 1975 vbc which and I am very sure it is a 57mm stroke crank. So can i use this meceur crank? is a lighter crankshaft better or worse?

Hi dude !




Is the enigne a original engine ??

if yes please give me your complete framenumber to help you [;)]





Hi LaRocca,


yes, the engine is original. The frame number is VBC1T 313897, and the engine casing number is VBC1M 311832.



I would like to know is there a difference between the two cranks i mentioned above? thank you!



im still unshure whats the situation with the crank, maybe its a fault in the description, i give you information when i got news !