Cost of overseas shipments?

I am intending to order a number of parts from SIP and I live in Australia. Parts will include a disc brake kit, shocks, clucth and a couple of other minor items. Has anybody any idea how much such a shipment would cost - anybody else in Australia ordered SIP parts? Any problems encountered?

hey Ralf,
Can you please explain why a service like DHL packet is unsuitable for sending scooterparts to New Zealand? This courier service is a quarter of the price that UPS charges. Surely your margins are not so small that 1 in 1000 shipments (probably a lot less) going missing would make the Aussie/ Kiwi trade uneconomic. In any case the insurance is cheap, why not make insurance compulsory.
I would love to order myself a big early Christmas present from you guys but the UPS charge is another week’s wages so it isn’t going to happen unless you have a rethink.
Ciao, Greg

and here is the german language version

I have sent you guys an email asking if you would use this service and i didnt recieve a reply at all.

Today I had an appointment with our DHL agent. I showed him the link and discussed the possibilities of shippment to NZ and Australia.
The conditions are truly very attractive, even though the delivery time to Australia is 20 days (UPS: 3-5 days). In most cases this won´t matter really. The problem is that you cannot track and trace the parcel ANY TIME and there is no processable insurance available. We would have to go in person with that one parcel to the DHL office (which is 30km far from here) and make some ceremonies with sealing and stuff there. That is annoying and can produce an awkward situation:
our customer orders parts from us. We ship the goods and the same time charge the credit card. 2 weeks later the customer calls us and asks where his parcel his. We would have to say „we don´t know“ and make a written postal inquiry. This takes up to 6 months to be answered (information of the DHL agent). So in case of a lost we have nothing to offer to our customer. No replacement, no really search for the parcel. How would you feel?

There is a slight chance that we can insure these parcels up to a lower amount (probably 2000 €) with our daily truck pickup. In that case it would be possible to offer the service and use the insurance to replace the goods even though this still can take weeks or months. But at least we know we can offer something to our customer any time.

The best would be a slower UPS service rather than UPS EXPRESS imo. That´s the situation. I will keep you updated.

nice one Ralf!

we will not offer DHL to other countries in the near future.
We made this offer as UPS costs to those far countries as NZ and Australia are rather expensive. DHL is an economic option there, with less service.

We shipped to all countries by DHL years ago but stopped this due to the number of problems we had with them. Many parcels never arrived, we never knew where the goods are, customers reacted unsatisfied as their credit card was already charged and many more. Insurance claims with DHL take many months, so in case you loose your parcel we are not in the position to send you a replacement quickly. This is not in our sense of a customer oriented business.

We will testdrive DHL service for the above 2 countries for the next 6 months and observe what´s going on there.

In most other countries, also Norway, it doesn´t make sense as the UPS rate is same or less than DHL with our negotiated volume discounts.

My order arrived a few days ago - so that is ~28 days from time of shipping. I am still waiting on the Worb5 order so hopefully that will arrive this week.

This shows that from two different shops, the time to ship DHL to Australia is over 28+ days. Note: There were no signs that customs had delayed it.

It is still worth the wait [:)]

Original von SIP_Supervisor: Jonathan, please reread the terms for DHL shippment to Australia:

Attention: DHL Express international parcels offer economic prices but provide less service quality than UPS:
insurance limited to 500,- EUR per parcel, no online parcel tracking, max. weight 31.5kg. Shipping time around 10-21 days.
With choosing DHL Express as shipping method you fully agree with these limitations.

We always answer your emails, but we need some hours time. Please send your emails only to one personhere and not to all persons in our shop.

As I told you I have made an international postal inquiry for your parcel. As DHL shipments are not trackable this will need time. We don´t know if it will be days or weeks. I will let you know as soon as we have news for you.

I can understand your worries but please remember you chose the more economic services in fully knowledge about it´s limitations.

Thanks Ralf

Ralf Jodl
SIP Scootershop

Always answer emails… hardly [:@] , as soon as Moritz forgot to ship my order i couldnt get a hold of him for 2 weeks to ask where it was. I eventually ended up faxing 9 pages which cost me $30 and a letter of complaint, still didnt get sent… eventually got through on the hotline, international calls are awful, i did get it shipped out, and most likely got charged for the shipping despite the fact YOUR SHOP FORGOT TO INCLUDE MY PARTS! When i phoned in they said the parts were not in stock, again that was wrong, i had the email from Moritz where he specifically said he forgot to include the parts with my order.

[:@] [:@] [:@] [:@] [:@] [:’(] [:’(] [:’(] [:’(]

All the parts arrived yesterday in good order.  The SIP JL exhaust looks absolutely fantastic and I can’t wait to install it and get out on a loooooooong ride! [:D]

Hey Syd, the cost is fricken horrendous. Itll cripple ya. I live in Canberra so the postage should be pretty much the same for me as it would be for you. I got a pipe and a couple of other little bits and peices. With the import sledging it was over a grand. You can count on postage being about as much as the products are worth. And if they forget stuff its a real pain in the arse cos its not like youre gonna spend all that money sending it back.[:dance2:] [:dance3:] [:dance2:]

we charge to norway around 29,- € per 10kg. That´s UPS standard, trackable, insured and requiring 2-3 days.
I think that´s quite reasonable, isn´t it?
I mean, it could always be cheaper couldn´t it?

hey Ralf, please fire me an email so we can sort out my order. I don’t want to put my credit card in for the ups freight that is automatically added on the shopping cart.
regards, Greg

Hey Stephan, better sort this guy out!

I found that sending an email high priority, with lots of !!! in the subject line and threatening to lodge a credit card dispute form did the trick. I got contacted and someone is working on returning my money now.

Note I don’t no if the contact form on the main page works.

Hey Ralf,
Could you please follow up on my parts.
You say they were sent 14 days ago.
It shouldnt take this long should it?


ps. i have also emailed Stephan and havnt got a reply.

Still waiting on the parts. it been 25 days. I emailed yesterday, with no reply.
Scooter racing in less than 2 weeks. I doubt I will get the parts in time.



hi ralf
i just placed an order and would like to be the test pilot

thanks and regards

Sip seem to be a bit slow with the email at the moment, try emailing ralf, (use your imagination as to the addy, damn those webcrawlers)
You downunder?

Hi Jonathan,

sorry, it was my mistake. Our despatching department was give me an UPS calculation, sorry.
Your price with DHL is 45 euros!

I deeply regret the mistake and proceed on with your order quickly!

Best regards,

Stephan H.

we send more and more parcels to Australia and so we could negotiate new shipping rates for AUS and NZ!
They go online from the 8th of june 2006 and are around 30% cheaper than the previous rates.
Check it out!