Cosa Wind Shield / screen

Never really been a fan of wind screens but I think I need one for my Cosa as it will keep a bit ofthe weather off me!

Been looking at item 23660000 but I can't really see what it will look like fitted, anyone have one?  What are they like and are they easy to fit?

Not sure what that looks like,but when I put a tall upright windscreen on my T5(just for a laughyou understand,not to keep it on if it worked ![:D])

it felt like it had the brakes on![:S]pulled over a couple of times convinced they were binding! just wouldn't pull ....thought going home would be good with the wind behind me   but it was just as slow !

unless you can see it on,that just looks like the brackets? not sure, if it leans back T5 style, might be all right?

no help really, sorry!

I am hoping it is like the ones for the GTS, lowish and about 8 inches about the headset.


The riding position on a Cosa is similar to a GTS and people say the GTS screens help with speed and comfort as it keeps the wind of your chest.  I just didn't really want to pay £70 for something that might be a bit of a nightmare.


Was your T5 screen one of those really tall ones? I would loved to have seen that!!

You should get one of the massive Italian screens with a roof section as well, classy!

I'll have a proper look at the Cosa (Mk1) mountings sometims and compare them with the GTS (Cosa Mk3!) ones.

They look so similar that I wouldn't be at all surprised if they were the same.

£70 is very steep for a bit of perspex though.

Hmm not sure about a full screen, although if I can use it as a sail it might help top speed!!!!


Perhaps I should just put my head down!!