Cosa II clutch in PX200 - clutch cover rubbing

Hi, I have an engine I built from scratch that uses PX200 casings (i.e. the ones with the rear axle oil seal on the inside). For many miles I used a standard P200 clutch, but I recently bought the Newfren Cosa II clutch (23 teeth), SIP P/N 93040000.

After installing the clutch, I find that the clutch cover rubs on the basket. This is an engine with an oil metering pump, so there is the gear inboard of the clutch rather than a spacer. The clutch nut is properly torqued down, so I believe the clutch is fully home on the crank. (I have a small mirror on the way so I can look behind the clutch to verify.)

I am unsure of the source of the clutch cover - other than custom machined covers, are there different sizes for e.g. PX150 vs PX200?

Are there other things that can cause this interference?


Common problem mate this link shows where it rubs just grind away a bit at a time and leave as much of the channel as possible for the oil.

I know the problem from several clutches, such as COSA 2 as well as some sport clutches...
According to the situation you need to check:

- where the clutch cover rubs on the clutch basket
- if the clutch lever inside of the clutch cover rubs somewhere on the clutch basket or if the clutch pressure plate rubs somewere on the centerr of the clutch cover.

- You can color the corresponding areas with a black water resistant marker pen and then assemble the clutch cover, turn the flywheel several times and you see exactly where the clutch basket rubs...

- Please do not buy one of the machined clutch covers - they are modified for a few races on the race
  track, not for long term use....if you use these clutch covers (with the oil catching fin removed), you
 may find your clutch running dry, burning the clutch plates way too early...

- In most of the cases a spacer of 1 mm thickness under the clutch cover helps.

Unfortunately one must say that this clutch isn't a good choice due to frequent quality issues.